February 2nd, 2015
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January 28th, 2015
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January 15th, 2015
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A Look Back at 2014 year

January 15th, 2015

There were many highs and lows, innovations and new achievements almost in every sphere of our lives, and now it is the time to look back summarize  the trends that brought us the 2014 Year. The growth of device sales in 2014 caused the increase in mobile content consumption. The number of apps in the Google Play Store grew by more than 50% last year, distributing apps from 388 000 different developers and outpacing Apple’s App Store for the first time with a difference about 17 %, according to  Analytics company App Annie. “What’s interesting is that although Apple continues to grow strongly, it’s really Google Play that’s growing,” the company wrote.


But even through the fact that the number of Android-based apps increased a lot, iOS developers still made 60% more money. The top five fastest growing categories of iOS apps in 2014, according to appFigure’s reports,  were Business, Food & Drink, Lifestyle, Social Networking and Catalogs. On Google Play, the top categories were Games, Photography, Music, Business and Entertainment.

fastest_growth_apps_apple_2 fastest_growth_apps_google_2

Gaming industry statistics for 2014 gave us interesting insights to gamer habits and demographics around the globe. 2014 saw a record $24 billion in game-company exits, and now the game industry  is becoming a serious competitor to the entire tv/film industry. Playing games is becoming more and more popular like television viewing.

For example, The Candy Crush Soda  Match 3 game was breakthrough of the Year and had reached 24 million active users playing every month just 1.5 month since it launched on Facebook. Or another example of the Monument Valley mobile game , that made  $ 5.8 million revenue and had a fantastic return on investment!


Games are becoming more and more popular on mobile devices and this sector is showing strong double-digit growth. Almost each of the hundreds of millions smartphone holder is a gamer now.  According to Digi-Capital’s global games revenue forecast the game industry will beat more than $100 billion revenue by 2017, and as we can see from the chart the biggest revenue will bring the mobile sector.


Mobile gaming era has come. ”Life is more fun if you play games”. Roald Dahl

October 30th, 2014
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Paint Monsters Available in Apple App Store Worldwide

October 30th, 2014


After months of hard  and productive work on Paint Monsters with SGN it is finally available in Apple App Store worldwide!

Its colorful level design and overall bright structure will take you to an imaginary world of cute monsters and you’ll just enjoy how fun it is !

Already excited  to share  this super-duper experience with us?  Check this awesome game out here !

October 15th, 2014
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3 Amazing Winners of Gaming Hackathon At Draper University In Silicon Valley

October 15th, 2014

10687406_534274380036312_5333174149519200396_o 10648490_534274376702979_5777287193354736146_o

Our recent, successfully accomplished #Plexathon activity has inspired us to become a part of another great Hackathon event organized in  Hero City at Draper University. Together with #Unity, #SpriteBuilde and others we shared the creative energy of the hacking marathon and made our sponsorship investment in it as we consider innovation as a high priority!

Thrilled to know the results?! Here are the trio of winners who showed the best recipe for Draper’s Hackathon after the 12 hours of intense and tough competition:


Game Name: Dandelion

Team Members: Daniel Hall, Aaron Rowley

Description: 2D side scroller where you must guide a dandelion seed through a forest while avoiding enemies. They emphasized both aesthetics and immersion, developing a Limbo-inspired color scheme with soothing background music.

Framework: Love 2D


Game Name: Orbix

Team Members: Snake Charmer, Fuzzy Buddha, Septopus

Description: 2D space-explorer in which you can navigate solely with an anti-gravity machine. Ones turned it on, all gravitational fields reverse. The team is still working on it.

Framework: C#, Unity


Game Name: TheHeroCity

Team Members: Angelo Hizon, David Ott – Unity Developer

Description: You are “The Hero” to save the city from danger. The actions you do in the city reflects how much of a Hero you are. Either you are saving the city from itself from crime and danger. Or the city is saving itself from you by voting you out of the city. If you end up destroying the city by bumping into properties, your superhero popularity declines. And soon you will be a homeless Hero.

Framework: C# in Unity 3d, Leap motion controls

We congratulate all of the winners and wish them Good Luck while discovering the “impossibly possible” with our  $2150 worth SALTR Pro plan access !


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